Monday, July 6, 2009

Top-Down Hanover

This is my top-down adaptation of Jean Frost's Hanover sweater from her Jackets book.

I re-drafted the sweater so it was top-down and suited the Peace Fleece I wanted to use. I added bust darts and waist shaping to suit my figure.

I also re-drafted the leaf motif for the waist and sleeves. Unfortunately, the top-down version really didn't yield the same result, so I ripped out the bottom of the body and sleeves and re-knit them bottom-up.

Grafting the leaf motif-bottom onto the top-down top in shadow rib was a bit hair-raising, but I managed to do it without mishap.

When I first look at something I've grafted, I can always see the line, but I eventually forget that it's there and never notice it when I'm washing or wearing the sweater.

I finished my Hanover the first week of May and have been squabbling with 16-year-old Matisse over who gets to wear it when, but I haven't gotten around to putting the zipper in yet.

It'll be so awesome with a zipper.

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