Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ear Cozy Cap TestFlight

My first knitting app for iOS has been approved for beta testing through Apple's TestFlight program.

Blue Ear Cozy Cap

Ear Cozy Cap takes a size and a yarn weight and generates a custom cap pattern. I've been working on backend code to generate knitting patterns from raw numbers for the past couple of decades. The current app is a front end for a very small part of that backend engine. From the point of view of the knitter, this app replaces a single knitting pattern.

The app is much more flexible than any knitting pattern on the market. Traditional knitting patterns are tied to a specific yarn and support a small range of sizes. With the app, the knitter has a wider range of sizes and completely free yarn choice.

I am ready to invite potential beta testers to try Ear Cozy Cap on iPad or iPhone. If you or anyone you know both knits and uses an iOS [0] device, please email me at and offer to be included in the beta.

I also welcome folks who don't knit but are willing to put the program through its paces on whatever devices they have.