Thursday, August 9, 2007

Summer Potpourri

Something old:

Remus John's Dragon Hat and Mittens

I knit these according to Remus John's specifications winter before last. I charted the dragons from a heraldic pattern. The hat has dragons marching all the way around, plain old ordinary every day fairisle. The dragons on the mittens face the thumbs and were knit using my unvented slip-stitch technique for intarsia in the round. Every other round, I slipped across the blue portions and knit a row of the dragon backwards.

Something new:

Finished Peach Vine Pullover

The Peach Vine is finished (except for the label and a good washing). I wore it to The Tempest on Sunday; it's always good for a new sweater to get an airing or two, and the weather cooperated.

Something borrowed:

Half-finished Sidewinders

And two of them are blue!

The Sidewinders are interesting to knit, and very cleverly shaped, but I'm not wild about the spacing of decreases. Putting them right next to one another like that is probably going to make them a bit gap-toothed as the decreases pull away from one another. Leaving a stitch between them would probably look neater.

I didn't agree with the choice of make-ones, either, so I did it my way.

The Sidewinders are zipping along, so I'm hoping that the yarn arrives for a baby sweater I'm hoping to knit. I'm thinking of plaid. The yarn is Knitpicks washable wool in two shades of green and one of pale yellow.

If that fails, there's more sock yarn in my stash.


Knittiana! said...

I really like the dragon hat and mittens. Very cute!

Michelle said...

Your dragons are adorable!