Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cuter than Cute

It's all over except the sewing.

The sleeves, knit one at a time, went quickly. Babies' arms are so short that even an avid sleeve-hater like yours truly doesn't have time to get bored. Zip, zip, an hour and a half's worth of knitting, and voila! a sleeve.

I agonized over the hood design. Should it be round or pointy? Should it continue the basic check pattern or break out into something else? I finally decided that babies are so cute in little pointy elf hoods that there really wasn't another option.

The hood zipped right along, too. As I was peacefully grafting the top together with yellow yarn, an idea hit me over the head with a mallet.

"You could knit this sweater from the top down," it whispered seductively, "from the tip-top of the head. Just use invisible cast-on and knit both sides."

The idea charmed and stunned me. Of course I could. Good thing there's another baby welcoming next month; I have a perfect excuse for knitting another darling little baby sweater.

After the hood was grafted, I picked up around the hood and added garter stitch trim to match the body and sleeves.

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