Tuesday, October 20, 2009

90,000 stitches

The body of the Moss Diamond throw is done.

It's enormous: 90,ooo stitches.

Here it is on a king-sized bed:

It was meant to be 60" square, but it ended up 75" square. I calculated that, if it had been the size I had planned, I would only have needed to knit 57,600 stitches -- over a third less.

Here it is covering our couch:

There's no way to show how incredibly cozy it looks (and feels). Draping it over me while I was working on it was very comforting.

I still have the second fringe to do for it. That should be enough to keep me busy a lot of cold nights this winter.

Here's the fringe detail:

I've ordered yarn to make another one, but I think I'll make it 60" square this time, and with moss stitch borders instead of a fringe.

Meanwhile, the portable Twilight Forest Poncho Sweater is chugging along:

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