Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Down for Maintenance

“I'm going to need new gloves,” my husband announced.


“Yes, there's a hole in one of my gloves.”

I snapped my fingers.

“Give them to me right now.”

Indeed, one strand of yarn had been snagged and broken,and the glove was unraveling.

A small matter of unpicking the broken yarn, picking up the stitches on both sides of the hole, and grafting a new strand of yarn in place.

Unfortunately, this was a rare case where I used every inch of the yarn to finish the gloves, and so I had to use yarn that didn't quite match to make the repair.

Glaring, isn't it? He might just get his new gloves after all.

Meanwhile, my son had worn the elbows out of this sweater (the last sweater in this post). The enchanting stitch pattern (Flying Wings) in the elbows simply couldn't stand up to the strain. So rip, rip, rip went the arms, and I re-knit them using a serviceable moss stitch.

I've put in a lot of knitting hours recently just keeping even.

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