Monday, November 5, 2007

24 grams to go

Yesterday, I was out and about doing social and healthy things instead of sitting on my rear knitting my fingers off. Once I got home, I had to fold a week's worth of laundry and start dinner before I could sit down to knit. I didn't manage to get my hands on my knitting needles until 6:30pm.

Over the course of the evening, however, I managed to knit up a respectable 14 grams of sock yarn. Only 24 grams to go, plus the top ribbing. I definitely think I can do it.

My younger daughter sidled up to me as soon as I started knitting on the socks and said, "Those would look better on me." Since she says that about everything I knit, I announced to the room at large, "Ignore your sister."

My older daughter gave me a penetrating look. "I read your knitting blog today."

"Then you know all my secrets." I said calmly.

My younger daughter's ears perked up. "I want to read your knitting blog, too! What's the url?"

"I'll send it to you," I said, mouthing the words "on Saturday" to her sister.

I think she suspects something. She managed to snag my Sidewinders yesterday by complaining that she was sock-less. She commented about how beautiful they are and how well they fit her.

I've been weighing my remaining yarn late at night, while she's doing her evening ablutions. How could the mere fact that I've switched solely to these socks give her the idea that I'm planning to give them to her for her birthday?

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