Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Toe-Up Thoughts

During a heat wave, it's refreshing to take a little toes-up:

The toes-up socks I've been knitting have short-row toes and heels that are worked exactly the same way. Quite restful, but the questing knitter in me is looking for ways to complicate this simple pattern.

Might I, for example, consider doing a toe-up heel flap? Quite a few folks have worked this out before me, none of them exactly the same way. I could knit lots of socks before I try them all.

I've also been doing YO short rows, just for a change. I find them easier to work in thin yarns on tiny needles, and they no longer seem to leave holes for me.

Hmm. Maybe I'll change to YO short rows for good.

I'm also starting to think and swatch for a knitting project to take to New York. I'm thinking not socks, since all my sock needles are metal. It's a good chance to dust off the plastic Denise interchangeables and give them a chance to earn their keep.

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