Monday, June 4, 2007

Two Very Different Scarves

Festive Christmas Scarf

One of a pair of Christmas scarves that I knit for my mother and grandmother. The other one had angled candy cane stripes. This one had chevrons. The red and green yarn had sparkly plastic blobs in it, as well as a strand of wool and a strand of glittery nylon.

The trickiest thing about this chevron Christmas scarf was getting both ends to point down. I worked short rows across the back of the neck to reverse the chevron and then reversed the color order on the way back so the chevrons would alternate on the two sides.

I'm knitting a similar style scarf in a space-dyed sock yarn on size 0 needles right now. With this scarf, I started with the fringe, and am knitting both ends at once before doing the short rows. I'll end by grafting the two sides together at the back of the neck.

Flower Garden Scarf

My friend Leoma is modeling the Flower Garden Scarf, knit out of a wide gauzy wool ribbon yarn. Each stitch catches the edge of the ribbon for a ruffly "potato chip" effect.

I had the barest of instructions on starting this scarf. It took a lot of trial and error to get the ruffles and the width just so. Once I had established what I liked, it went very quickly. Fun and sensuous to knit.

Leoma in love

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